7 Reasons to Go On a UK Staycation This Year

Over the past two years, staycations have seemed, for some, a necessary last resort.  Instead of snorkelling along The Great Barrier Reef, we were forced to settle for a paddling pool in the back garden. 

Since pandemic-related travel restrictions closed off the rest of the world for months, staycations are all we’ve had since March of 2020. But things are changing. Again…

As borders are re-opening, holidaymakers can finally travel further afield again, leaving the UK behind. But we have to ask ‘why?’. Why, when there are so many amazing destinations and benefits to a UK staycation, are people so eager to leave England’s ‘green and pleasant land’ behind them?

Deeming it our mission, then, to make the joys of a UK staycation common knowledge to all, the Haulfryn team spoke to some devoted staycationers from all across the UK to compile a list of 7 reasons why opting for a holiday closer to home is here to stay. 

As much or as little as you like!

One of the great things about UK staycations is the ability to choose how far you want to take it (literally and metaphorically). 

You can choose to take a last-minute trip to a campsite down the road for the weekend, or you can travel up to Scotland for a tour de force of every mountain. There’s plenty of variety and, being closer to home than holidays abroad, you often feel slightly less pressure to pack quite so much in, making the most of some relaxation time. 

We chatted to Monica at The Travel Hack about her experience with staycations in the UK. Monica said, “We own a static caravan in Abersoch on the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales, so when the weather’s nice we head there most weekends.”

The Llyn Peninsula is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, famous for its beautiful blue beaches, wildlife, and history. “[It’s] stunning – it’s a real gem in the UK!”

When we asked her what makes UK staycations so appealing, Monica told us, “It’s the ease of being able to take lots of short holidays. As a family, we’d rather have lots of long weekend breaks each year than one big holiday – and it’s much easier to do that in the UK.”  We can’t help but agree with you, Monica!

With Haulfryn, you can own a luxury holiday home yourself and visit as much or as little as you’d like of any one of our fantastic locations – just as Monica describes.  

Spectacular scenery 

If it’s easier to get to your destination and the travel time is shorter, there must be a catch somewhere, right? Do we have to compromise on those gorgeous views? Absolutely not.

There’s a huge variety of awe-inspiring landscapes in the UK, matching up with some of those picturesque overseas locations you might’ve visited in the past. Yes, really. Although we sometimes take it for granted, there are some breathtaking views to behold when we pause and take it in on a UK staycation. 

Ellie from The Wandering Quinn spoke to us in detail about her favourite UK destinations. Having been on quite a few trips within the UK, Ellie said, “My favourite was in Pembrokeshire in South West Wales because the area offers so much including many incredible hidden beaches, coastal holiday towns, and friendly locals.” We doubt there’s much more you can ask of a holiday than that!

On the topic of scenery, Ellie remarked how, for her, “A UK staycation is all about the scenery.” “I love visiting places in the countryside of the UK that I haven’t been to before, whether that’s along the coast or a National Park. I think so many of us are so surprised at the beautiful scenery the UK offers – so many of the places I want to visit in the UK are based around the scenery.”

If you feel inspired by Ellie’s visit to Wales, you can check out our impressive range of Welsh holiday parks here

Accessibility: a holiday for all

Mum of two, granny of one, and creator of Slummy Single Mummy, Jo Middleton, is a huge fan of a UK staycation.

“My absolute favourite type of holiday is a motorhome road trip,” said Jo. “I love the rhythm of motorhomes, waking up somewhere new, packing up, driving somewhere, having a little afternoon on a steam train, finding something for dinner […] cooking, playing cards… there is something so soothing about it.” 

To Jo, one of the best things about these holidays is that they are what you make of them, and can be fully accessible for everyone to enjoy. 

She said, “My daughter is autistic and although she loves to travel, having the secure base of a motorhome from which to explore helps her to relax away from home. We’ve done a couple of motorhome trips in the UK, one a few years ago where we tried to visit as many counties as possible and more recently a long weekend away, which was a lovely change after all this time stuck at home!”

Haulfryn specialises in luxury permanent homes, and we understand the comfort that comes from having a safe, familiar base while on holiday. That’s why all of our properties can provide a detailed accessibility statement upon request, and are designed to feel like a home away from home.

If you’re after the perfect blend of relaxation and action like Jo describes, then the Haulfryn holiday parks are for you. You can find out more about our safer stays and what to expect from a Haulfryn holiday here

Discover what’s on your doorstep

12-hour flights, cramped legs, and unhappy kids? Not with a UK staycation.

With so many incredible locations like Surrey or Wiltshire right on our doorsteps, you can arrive at your dream destination within a matter of hours. Forget the jet lag and packing restrictions (other than the limit of what you can fit in your car, of course!).

Monica of The Travel Hack agreed; “You don’t need to travel far for an amazing staycation. We try to keep our journey time under two hours as it’s much easier with young children. There’s so much to see around the UK but we still love exploring what’s on our doorstep.”

Impressive variety

You only need to glance at a map to realise just how much there is to do in the UK.

If you want history, it’s here in spades. Gorgeous beaches, mountain landscapes, vibrant cities – you name it.

Vicky from Day Out in England spoke to us about the sheer variety of activities that the UK’s residents are so lucky to have at their fingertips, remarking how:

“There’s just so much to do in England… It’s such a cliche but there really is something for everyone,” she said.  “If you just want to wander and take it easy, we have some beautiful beaches, and if you want to go on an action-adventure there are facilities for that no matter what the weather up and down the country. We have so much here.” 

Give back to the local economy

What better way to give back to the communities around us than by staycationing among them?

As Kim from Life Can Be Toff told us, “I love to support the UK economy. There are so many amazing businesses out there offering wonderful holiday accommodation in amazing places.”

Alongside a variety of landscapes and locations, we’re also lucky enough to be able to choose from a range of accommodation options like our luxury holiday parks where there really is something for everyone. 

“We are big staycationers and have stayed in holiday cottages in mid-Wales and have recently taken our first campervan trip to the North Devon Coast,” Kim said. “The freedom of the campervan is really enticing and we will definitely be taking a trip to Wales in the future in a campervan and explore more of the South-West and West coast of Wales.” Supporting local businesses along the way, Kim told us she likes to speak with the venue she’s staying at first – “they’ll have some fantastic tips for local eateries and places to visit.”

Her advice is to plan ahead and draw up an itinerary of sorts (particularly if you’re embarking on a campervan holiday) to make sure you’re making the most of it. That way, “you can just get up and go!”

No travel restrictions

Don’t worry about your passport or printing airport tickets – another brilliant benefit of UK staycations is that you really can just get up and go!

Vicky at Day Out in England said that some of her favourite UK staycations have been in Cornwall and Devon.

“I really enjoyed checking out the stunning beaches in Cornwall and the Moors in Devon – there’s just so much to do there,” she told us. “The area is popular for a reason but if you can get a trip in outside of the school holidays, you’ll have a great time.”

Some of the best beach destinations in Cornwall include the sandy cove of Porthcurnick beach, and the famed Kynance Cove on the Lizard Peninsula. Like something out of a fairytale, Kynance Cove boasts white sand and blue, glistening waters.

So, a beach holiday is certainly within reach in the UK! And it can be hassle-free, too.

As Vicky put it, “UK staycations are just easier – especially at the moment. You don’t have the drama of the airport, or the expense of tests.”

Unbeatable UK holidays with Haulfryn

With parks in some of the UK’s most desirable locations – from Devon to Delamere – you’re in good hands with a Haulfryn staycation.

Each park offers tip-top facilities and amenities so you can rest assured that your holiday will be both action-packed and full of opportunities for relaxation.

There’s something for everyone, too. Take our Finlake park – it’s got a waterpark, spa, shop, bar, and more, for the whole family to enjoy.

Take a look at our variety of holiday parks to get planning your next trip!


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