Buy now: 10% Guaranteed Rental Income available & site fees included

Earn 10% Guaranteed Rental Income

for 5 years on your holiday home

Oh happy day
Oh happy day!

Been thinking of owning your very own holiday home? Perhaps, you’d like to earn guaranteed pennies over the next five years, while you’re not using your holiday caravan, home, or lodge?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our Guaranteed Rental Income on all holiday home purchases in Cornwall, Cheshire, Devon, Wiltshire and Surrey.

Buy your very own one, two, three or four bedroom holiday home with us, and you can enjoy 10% per year Guaranteed Rental Income for five years. Holiday between the trees, overlook a tranquil lake, or fall asleep to sound of a gentle lapping sea. Then imagine going back time and time again, whenever you want. Now, this is something to put a smile you your face!

Holiday homes starting from £24,995

Couple enjoying cocktails out on the deck overlooking the Devon hill
Getting the lowdown
Guaranteed rental income

Guaranteed rental income allows you to purchase a holiday home, safe in the knowledge that you will earn a fixed income yearly, for the next five years.

Once you purchase your holiday home, it will become part of our managed sublet scheme, where we let your home out to other holidaymakers. Our team takes care of everything for you, from marketing to guest bookings, even cleaning and any general maintenance.

Couple enjoying the outside decking on their luxury holiday home
Is it available on all Haulfryn holiday homes?

Yes, we’re offering a Guaranteed Rental Agreement, where you’ll earn 10% income each year, for five years at all parks that welcome holidaymakers. So that’s

  • Finlake Resort & Spa
  • Devon Hills Holiday Park
  • Dartmoor View Holiday Park
  • Holmans Wood Holiday Park
  • Praa Sands Holiday Park
  • Delamere Lake Sailing & Holiday Park
  • Brokerswood Holiday Park
  • Edgeley Holiday Park
Getting the lowdown
Benefits of Guaranteed Rental Income

You purchase a holiday home with the peace of mind of knowing you will receive a fixed income each year, for five years, and when this will be paid to you, so you can budget accordingly. Regardless of whether we have rented out your holiday home for the full allocation, you still receive the same fixed income, so you are protected from any market fluctuations and seasonality. After the five years is complete, you will have the option to move into our managed sublet scheme too, which offers a variable return.

Within the agreement, many annual holiday home ownership costs will be covered including pitch fees, utility bills and cleaning costs. You’ll also be paid quarterly. You will have to factor in your insurance fees.

Still thinking about Guaranteed Rental Income?

With our Guaranteed Rental Agreement, you’ll get to use your holiday home for 28 days per year, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to create many happy holiday moments with family and friends. There are some restrictions on when these days can be taken throughout the year but we’ll chat to you about these when you come for your park tour or over the phone.


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About Haulfryn Holidays

We have gorgeous one to four holiday homes available across Devon, Cornwall, Wiltshire and Surrey. From cosy holiday homes for stolen weekends away just the two of you, to stunning luxury lodges that the whole family can enjoy, at locations that will make your heart sing, Haulfryn Holidays have been providing beautiful holiday homes for over 85 years. We know how to make the most of holidays, from quiet peaceful parks to jam packed activity parks. There really is something for everyone.

For more information on our beautiful parks, get in touch with us, and one of our friendly team members will get hold of you. Or have a peek at available holiday homes for sale here.

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